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Woke up this morning to these chilling news that one of our closets friends was involved in a car accident. She’s a Hard working, beautiful mother of two and a sister to me and my family. I had to stop and collect my thoughts for a moment, Before I started to breakdown and cry. In this passing moment so many thoughts ran through my mind as we all have our own issues in life. Sometimes we don’t know how to stop and appreciate our surrounding because we are so consumed with obstacles in our Day to Day life. As for me I know what this feels like, And am a victim of as well. In the generation we live in we are consumed by meaningless arguments and unthoughtful reactions to then realize our regretful aftermath. 

Prior to this accident her and I spoke about our dreams and desires and all what we wanted to accomplish this year. To think it could all be taken away in a blink of an eye is a brutal thought to get past.  

What I’m saying with all this is I know we all have our personal struggles and issues we have to deal with. I recommend trying to find a light and the positive in everything we do today and everyday moving forward weather it’s treating yourself, or finding that happy place that results in your positive outcome for the better. Each in everyday that goes by continue laying that brick to your foundation cause you never when it will be your last. 

Love you Darlene! Thank you god for letting her stay with us, Glad your ok sis. ❤️

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