Family is Everything! Hurricane Irma in Florida


Just recently we experienced one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic to make landfall in the states. As a category 5 Hurricane Irma was a monster storm with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. Donald Trump declared a state of emergency with mandatory evacuations. It was a total disaster with many families not knowing where to go or in such cases what to do. An estimated 6.4 million People were told to flee in Florida, leading to days of jampacked highways and frantic searches for gasoline amid one of the nation’s largest ever emergency evacuations. In total, nearly 7 million people in the Southeast were told to shelter or evacuate.

In times like this all you can worry about is getting your family and loved ones to safety. In my case I was all the way across country in Los Angeles, California trying to figure out what to do for my family from there. Feeling like my hands were tied behind my back things couldn’t have gotten worse when news struck that California could be facing a possible category 8.2 earthquake. At this point I was at a cross road, My mind started racing on what to do and where to go. With so many natural disasters going on including the wildfire happening in the valley for a full week everything started to really down on me. What is going on!?!?!? This is a whole other topic when we get into my thoughts and truths on global warming which happens to be my reasoning behind the disasters but we will get into that later. Right now I want to focus on family ☺️.

After a full day of nonstop searching for safe place to hold the family in north Florida and Georgia all hotels and Airbnb places where booked out and incredibly overpriced flights by every airline. For the first time I had never seen such a thing! I started to worry for my family and the devastation of what this hurricane can do if they stayed behind. After a full day of making calls I found an amazing friend in Atlanta Georgia that opened the doors to their home and allowed my family to stay. God bless the soul of those left in this world with caring hearts !! My family made their way to safety days before Irma struck south Florida.

At this point my heart was at peace knowing my family was out of harms way. Now to save myself from a possible 8.2 Mega-Earthquake that could hit California said by L.A. Times. Yikes!!!  At this point all I wanted to do was be with my family. So I had them all think I couldn’t find flights out of California and planned to pop in and surprise them in Atlanta. In this post it shows a true feeling of love and why I do what I do for my family, cause we only have one and I’ll do whatever it takes for them all.


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