Ying to my Yang ⚫⚪⚫⚪ Happy 2016!!



Ying Yang symbol

With just a day away from 2016, I wanted to first wish everyone a joyful upcoming year. Hope this year has brought everyone the best to look forward to a prosperous New Year!
As I look back on my journey, 2015 has brought me many blessings and many achievements to be joyful about. Every moment was a learning experience which is the best reward of it all. Being true to myself and letting go of the negatives I’ve learned that only I create the circumstances that come into my life.
As I  grow wiser and more experienced it all helps me overcome the day to day obstacles which prepares me for anything that stands in my path.
I’m thankful for my friends and family who I love so dearly and most importantly all my supporters world wide!! You given me so much love and support over the years that it’s the perfect recipe to perfect my craft.

With that being said I want to leave  you all with this BTS photo shoot I did with my sister Tania Torres shot by Wanthy D.
I called it Ying and Yang!
The reason being because it perfectly describes my relationship with my sister Tania.
Ying Yang symbols represent perfect balance. Seemingly, the whole Chinese philosophy stems from the concept of Ying and Yang – opposites interacting and supposedly the seed of all things. For example, evil results from an imbalance in Ying and Yang, and good comes from the two being inharmonic balance.
To aid in understanding the properties belonging to each side of the symbol.
This symbol represents the primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe. Depicted as it is, it also outlines the necessity of balance in all things.
Balance in our hearts and love in our lives is truly what makes the world go ’round. This reminds us that love is one of the truest and most dearest of virtues.

May we all continue to love one another and let all greatness transpire!! Happy 2016!!!!


Tammy Torres


IG: @ItsTaniaTorres (LEFT) and @TammyTorres (RIGHT)

Ying and Yang




IG: @Wanthy_D


Make-up by: @GonHil



Want to give a big thanks to all who participated in this shoot!!!

Photography: @Wanthy_D
Production Assistants: @smilesbutler and @Morjay_1st
Director: @DLsquared
Make up: @GonHil

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